Sunday, December 3, 2017

DotA LoD 6.85m5.w3x

Map Dota v6.85m5 LOD update and download
  • Added chat commands -mute # (alias to squelch but doesn't require player's name, only his slot, e.g. -mute 5)
  • Added chat commands -unmute # (alias to unsquelch but doesn't require player's name, only his slot, e.g. -unmute 5)
  • Fixed -bind cmd issues when binding 2-digits button index
  • Chat -bind reset now re-add all the keys from the config automatically back
  • Fixed Time Lapse (Aghanim) using the caster's data instead of the target's
  • Fixed Bloodrage didn't work if you kill enemies using dummy units (e.g. Counter Helix)
  • Fixed Devour malfunction if the target has been killed mid-cast
  • Fixed Rearm could be picked with Exorcism and couldn't with Headshot
  • Fixed some unit color issues
  • Fixed issues with heroes who die while being Supernova'd
  • Fixed Talon Queen endgame scoreboard icon
  • Fixed Decay stolen STR could stay forever under some circumstances
  • Fixed Reincarnation abuses with Supernova, Infest
  • Fixed Carrion Swarm dealing less damage than intended
Full changelogs here: Dota lod 6.85m5 changelog
Download: Dota 6.85m5 lod

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