Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Anime battle world 0.6a

Map Anime Battle World v0.5C.w3x update and download by Takeshi_Sawada

Update Fix Some Bug ABW 0.6A:

-Ueki T Cooldown Fix
-Alibaba Amon Al Saiga Increase mp cost 10 to 100
-Wendy R now Invulreable when casting

New Hero:
-Kosuke Ueki

-Kunieda Special Item Change
-Alibaba Special item Change
-Luffy Special Item Change
-Lambo Special Item Change
-Gajeel Special Item Change
-Sting Special Item Deal 1 x Str
-Ulquirra skill casting time decrease
-Madara Junkai Koutan Casting time remove
-Mikasa R Damage Increase( 0.5/0.6/0.7 x agi to 1.2/.1.3/1.4)
-Mikasa E outmap bug have been fix
-Takeshi T mana cost decrease
-Alibaba T change to avoid bug
-New background sound

This map have 20 Heroes Only
This is Aos 3v3v3 (Bleach, OnePiece, Fairy Tail)
This is the longest version yet ever made. What have change???

Link download: Anime Battle World v0.6a

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