Thursday, October 2, 2014

Anime Team Survival 4.7v

Present a new zone called [The Lost Temple]
Here you can farm some gold extra in this place,If you plays of 4 players.
We also have a goddess calling [ATS] KamiSama.
If The Team can Defeat the Kami,All the team receive a bonus gold,lumber,Extra Buff from Kami.

[Bug Fixed]
Misaka Item Skill Fixed
Yuu Rework Skill [Waiting]
Ichigo Bankai Icon skill dont use mana Fixed
Tina E reworked

Enjoy It The ATS 4.6v ^^
Next Season ATS 4.7v Ucoming With Bug Fixed,Lost Temple and Hero Arena Mode!

More Info In The Next Post! Sayonara!

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