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Naruto Wild Hurricane Chronicles 0.9b - NWHC - 0,9b.w3x

Map Naruto Wild Hurricane Chronicles - [0,9b] - NWHC - 0,9b.w3x by Russia member

Size : 128x128 (medium)
Type of terrain : the village (not standard)
AI : Yes
Language : Russian
Genre : AoS
Author : Sannin
Description : Choose one of the 43 characters participating in the exciting and dynamic battles, fighting for his clan!
Date of entry the next version : 12.14.2014

-Added replica to Asuma, Gaara Guy Deydary, Kakashi Kakuzu, Kisame, Moo, Neydzhi, Obito and Hidan. [Bug Fixes]
  1. "Molecular splitter" Oonoki do more damage than necessary.
  2. If Ulta Kimimaro fall on those who included "Kung Pao chicken", the "Kung Pao chicken" reflect damage to the corpse, and the corpse will fly away.
  3. If Naruto clone, which saves chakra hermit skill recharge "Accumulate chakra", then he can press it again, with the first accumulation chakras are not canceled, and get that 1 clone accumulates immediately 2 chakra at the same time.
  4. The first skill Kimimaro operates across the map, if cast a, to the one who has already departed, then across the map of a bullet.
  5. Any description of the item in the store is now hard to see.
  6. You can fly to duel with different things.
  7. Not a team «-nc».
  8. You can do teleportation on modulus and blew freely and even during blowing (while Tim Dooley and 1x1).
  9. After upholstered send creeps in "Kamui", they are trying to go on line.
  10. If creep, who make TP suck in "Kamui" that the hero will be too, "Kamui", and then you can get out of there only through -base.
  11. Bagan print Danzo.
  12. Naruto incorrect damage "usually" rasenganom and "Rasen-shuriken"
  13. If you turn on "Kung Pao chicken" and Obito will Katun in "Kung Pao chicken", it will be critical.
  14. If you throw the enemy maelstrom, and he clicks on aktivku country iron, the 100% crit
  15. Bagan first skill in Jiraiya cd in oil about 80 seconds, and not as it should be 45.
  16. Buggy duel, often does not take one of the opponents, or just taken his call.
  17. Does not return to base after blowing 1x1 clone Kakashi, if it's to cast.
  18. If the enemy will die under the influence of the swamp Jiraiya (skill that comes after the application of the stomach), then the enemy is eternal slowdown.
  19. Bug Killer Bee if you kill the 2nd form, he remains alive, but in the usual form without covers.
  20. If Killer Bee off 2 version of transformation or has run out of mana, he shall die.

Set Shinobi
, the activation (for mages): Now press after the installation of the countryside are only heroes. Scope Acquisitions -When activation absorbs the health and chakra (U / sec.): 20 -> 15. Rosary Monk -When activation ally to restore health (%): 15 -> 12.-When activated on the enemy deprives him of attacking and apply techniques (sec.): 5 -> 3.5. -When activation itself gives immunity to magic (sec.) 5 -> 3.5. [HEROES] --- --- NARUTO Rasengan -Prokachka (level): 1/5/9/13 -> 1/6/11/16. --- --- Danza Baku (suction) is a domain of attraction (u): 1000 -> 1375. --- --- Hida Faith in Dzyasina -Pogloschaet damage when triggered (u): 30/60/90/120 -> 20/40/60 / 80. --- --- Kimimaro Cursed Seal -Snizhen damage of equipment Sawarabi no Mai (at death) by 30%.

Download: NWHC - 0,9b.w3x

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