Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Epic Clash v3.17b AI

Map Epic Clash v3.17b AI+ - EpicClashv3.17b_AI.w3x Created by LuLu ; Uploaded by: Hexed

-Puppet Master (Rokhan - hero)

-Fixed incorrect and missing icons
-Fixed Furbolg Champion classified as ranged attacker

-Reduced Life Strike's (Furbolg Champion) life cost
-Increased Furbolg Champion's base attack speed
-Changed Furbolg Champion's armor to light-type
-Optimized system codes
-Optimized AI scripts
-Rebalanced AI difficulties
Map Info:
- Epic Clash is an epic battle between Heroes. Destroy and kill every opponent and become the best warrior! Most heroes here are inspire by Warcraft III.

Element System
- all skills have elements. Different element deals different elemental damage.

Buff System
- all orb effects and buff placers stack. (simply means no orb/buff placers) They all stack. (e.g. slow from thunder clap and slow from an item etc...)

Chance System
- all item chances stacks. (eg. +15% bash x 2 = +30% bash)

Movement System
- movement speed changes on terrain inclination and slows you down on water

Damage System
- can show how much damage is dealt to the target. Damage dealt via spells varies and does not deal the same damage every time.

Attribute System
- Epic Clash has it's own attribute system. You can manage you own build of Hero.

Weight System
- certain equipments have weight. Hero can become overweight and will slow the hero's move and attack speed. Weight is also for potions, so that they won't bring too many.

Kill System
- mostly inspired by DotA's kills system.

Recipe System
- enables you to build/combine items for better items. Mostly inspired by DotA's recipe system.

Inventory System
- can buy items/pick items even if inventory is full. You cannot pick the item if the item is not yours.

Item Level System
- powerful items have limits of how much you can carry.

Weather System
- enables a random weather in the map. Weather have impact on units specially the storm weather.

Power Up System
- enables spawn of power ups on certain locations

*NEW* Power Duration System
- items can now increase the duration of a buff/ability of a Hero

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