Saturday, April 4, 2015

Moo Moo v4.04 Generation X

Map Moo Moo v4.04 Generation X - MooMoov4.04GenerationX.w3x by Redbeef

Join an epic battle to defend Moo Moo from the evil centaur raiders

Official Changelog MMGX v4.04:
    -Added new hero
    • Halberd : Eddy Wow (Strength)
    -Added new secret event
    • Need to kill boss named Myga'soul.
    • Gives 1M gold.
    • Gives Ultimate Soul item.
    -Scout Tower
    • Increased hit point from 100 to 500.
    -Razormane Bandit : Ping Maxx
    • Fixed Mighty Pong's item lost on respawned.
    -Dreadlord : Mal'Ganis
    • Added passive icon for Dread Pack.
    -Overlord : Laharl Vetkin
    • Qack rescaled block damage.
    -Ultimate Soul
    • New secret item
    • Fixed Khan Thorns Aura Damages.
    • Fixed Khan Centaur Power Damages.
    • Fixed Khan Raging Power Damages.
    • Fixed Wave 19 Bomb Fx Effect.
    • Fixed secret item Volhynia errors.
    • Fixed credits text and info's
    • Fixed various typo errors
    • Fixed various other tooltip errors
    • Fixed various glitch, spell exploit, icon, typo, and other tool tip errors.
    • Fixed various memory glitches resulted in abilities/items malfunctioning.

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