Thursday, April 23, 2015

World of Angel Arena 15.0b AI - Wofaa_v15_0b_AI.w3x

Map World of Angel Arena 2015 v15.0b AI - Wofaa_v15_0b_AI.w3x by Vvopaa Abidin2171 MGT1_XPert

The new version of Angel Arena 15.0b. 
The changes: 
+ Loose flask Uther. 
+ Loose Royal Yormunga poison and spit poison. 
+ Edited skill Piercing Anub'arak. 
+ distance decreased in numbers icy blast zombies. 
+ Reinforced missile strikes and silver bullets. 
+ Changed value potions. 
+ Changed bugged skills and Phase Arthas Arthas. 
+ Limited Blokeyda strength gain. 
+ decreased in numbers at the time of the Fiery Network Deathwing and Archimonde. 
+ Removed permanent invisibility and vampirism Zerg 
+ Reduced Zone Antikempinga 
+ Soul Hordona now do not live forever. 
+ Enhanced Clothing God . 
+ Reduced the spawn creeps. 
+ reduce crits Blokeyda.

Version 15.0b +1.1 AI
No cheats, no bugs

Category: Hero Arena
Recommended Players: 12
Size: 4365.4 KB

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