Friday, June 12, 2015

Naruto Ninpou Storm MN 3.9f

Map Naruto Ninpou Storm MN 3.9f - NinpouStormMN3.9f.w3x by Fire_Arkangel

Version 3.9d:
- Fixed minor things
- Added new hero: Kabuto

Version 3.9e:
- Decreased price of Bomb from 2250 to 1800
- Added gold rate/min in multiboard
- Itachi: Amaterasu damage increased
- Invisibility of Akatsuki Set is not detectable by Mirror anymore (only by bombs)
- Added Sasuke Cursed Seal of Heaven
- Added Naruto Sennin Mode
- Added Kakashi ANBU
- Fixed bug of some items stats lost when heroes morph
- Guren is back

An AoS map stylized on Naruto Universe. Pick your hero and fight for your village in a New Ninja War!

Link Download: Naruto Ninpou Storm MN 3.9f
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