Saturday, October 3, 2015

Map DotA v6.85a Allstars Beta.w3x download

Map DotA v6.85a Allstars Beta.w3x by DracoL1ch (October/03/2015)

See full changelogs here: Dota 6.85a changelog



  • Death Coil cooldown reduced from 5 to 4.5
  • Borrowed Time Aghanim's Scepter damage redirection increased from 35% to 50%
  • Fixed Frostmourne not being dispellable
  • Improve Aphotic shield dispell
  • Fixed Frostmourne didn't give bonuses to allies
  • Fixed Borrowed Time duration being outdated (1 second less)
  • Alchemist

  • Acid Spray damage increased from 12/16/20/24 to 15/20/25/30
  • Goblin's Greed Bounty Rune bonus increased from 4x to 5x
  • Fixed Acid Spray dealing physical damage instead of smashing
  • Ancient Apparition

  • Cold Feet cast range increased from 700 to 700/800/900/1000
  • Anti-Mage

  • Blink distance rescaled from 1000/1075/1150/1150 to 925/1000/1075/1150
  • Mana Void stun rescaled from 0.1/0.2/0.3 to 0.15

-wtf can now be toggled as test command
-d now supports -d # syntax to summon # Centaurs
-n alias for -neutrals (test mode)

Download .w3x: DotA v6.85a Allstars Beta

Download .zip: http://www.game2g.com/forum/dota/dota-6-85a-beta-download/

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