Thursday, November 5, 2015

Dota v6.85d

Get Map DotA v6.85d Allstars.w3x by Icefrog



  • Fixed toggling Armlet right before death leads to item drop

  • Black King Bar

  • Fixed bug with BKB duration always being 10 seconds
  • Fixed bug with BKB handling on Spirit Bear

  • Cranium Basher

  • Fixed melee Cranium Basher gave 6 strength instead of 8

  • Dagger

  • Dagger no longer cause selected group reordering

  • Diffusal Blade

  • Fixed upgrading Diffusal Blade with no slots available didn't refill it's charges
  • Diffusal Blade can now be double clicked to cast on self

  • Lotus Orb

  • Improved Lotus Orb re-channeling perfomance

  • Medallion of Courage

  • Fixed Medallion of Courage cannot be applied to an ally with Linken's sphere

  • Mjollnir

  • Mjollnir's Static Charge no longer triggers on damage dealt by allies or self

  • Quelling Blade

  • Fixed Quelling Blade tooltip

  • Silver Edge

  • Fixed Lothar's Edge and Silver Edge didn't share it's cooldowns
  • Fixed Silver Edge cooldown being higher than stated

  • Solar Crest

  • Fixed Solar Crest cannot be applied to an ally with Linken's sphere

  • Tango

  • Tango heal smoother

  • Urn of Shadows

  • Roshan no longer dispells Urn of shadows heal

  • Wards

  • Fixed first attack on the wards could miss

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