Thursday, November 12, 2015

Sailor Moon Castle Defence 2.3

Map Sailor Moon Castle Defence v2.3 Created by TheBesthero ; Uploaded by: Dinodin

Basic Description:
Map Type/genre: Defence/Survival
Map Category: Anime/Manga
  • Sailor Moon Castle Defence is an LOTR Castle Defence edited map made by Dinodin.
  • I've never seen any warcraft map based on the anime/manga Sailor Moon so I decided to make my own. The map is originally named LOTR Castle Defence made by Sov_Marksman. I've just edited it to be Sailor Moon based. You're able to choose all the inner and outer Sailor Scouts, except Sailor Chibi Moon.
  • The Sailor Scouts do not have any imported models I just took the standard warcraft 3 models that fitted them the most. The Sailor Scouts are NOT teamcolored, they are colored with the color they have in the anime, so don't get confused if your scout is not the same color as the rest of your units/heroes/buildings.
  • I made the spells/abilities of the Sailor Scouts to be as similar to how they are in the anime/manga as possible.

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