Wednesday, December 2, 2015

DotA v6.85e Allstars.w3x

Get Map DotA v6.85e Allstars.w3x patch update and download


    • Fixed Buyback wasting gold if no hero choosen
    • Hero no longer receives experience for a kill if dies first
    • Fixed megacreeps for Scourges had no max upgrades
    • Fixed Ping courier option shows point to all players instead of caster only
    • Fountain damage type changed from Chaos to Siege (25% less damage to heroes)
    • Towers no longer provides vision for 3 seconds after being destroyed
    • Fountain courier protection removed – any courier can now fly nearby enemy fountain as normal units
    • When tower being denied it’s properly removed from Fog of War
    • Gust, Walrus Kick, Homing Missle, Fire spirits effect, Chilling Touch, Cold Feet, Shadow Word, Greater Bash, Deafening Blast, Tombstone Zombies, Decay, Ion Shell, Shackleshot, Fury Swipes, Phantom Rush, Mana Leak, Liquid Fire, Dream Coil, Electric Vortex, Torrent, Urn of Shadows (heal), Force Staff, Boots of travel (upg), Janggo of Endurance, Veil of Discord, Crimson Guard, Warcry, Battle Trance, Time Walk, Lightning Storm Slow, Tether Slow, Walrus Punch slow, Splinter Blast slow, Rolling Boulder slow no longer affect (being dispelled) heroes which dies while affected and reincarnates
    • Skewer, Dark Rift, Static Link, Scorched Earth, Flesh Golem, Fire Spirits, Tether, Icarus Dive, Pounce, Dark Pact, Ice Blast, Astral Imprisonment Int steal, Death Pact, Flaming Lasso, Flamebreak movement, Focus Fire, Powershot, Windrunner, Meld, Overpower, Ancestral Spirit, Ancestral Spirit bonuses, Phantom Rush, Fiery Soul, Bladefury, Battery Assault, Test of Faith (teleportation), Unstable Concoction, Soul Ring, now properly stops (being dispelled) if caster dies and reincarnates
See full changelog here: Dota 6.85e changelog

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