Friday, December 25, 2015

War of Sanctity 5.55c AI

Map War of Sanctity 5.55c AI.w3x Created by Alxen

Lets start with the basic features! War of Sanctity its a wonderful AOS where the night elven society called now The Preserve defend themselves from the deadly war ,the undead race,the Necropolis launched it against them. Both sides have a lot of unique heroes,classifed as:Tanks; Rangers;Assassins;Spellcasters and Support Heroes.The items are very powerful,being able even to drastically change the balance of the game,if they are purchased in different combinations.The creeps spawn at every 40 seconds in the game,and are formed by 2 ranged creeps and 3 melee creeps.

Now i will tell you about the bounty gained for each kill.For each hero killed you get either 100 gold,if it didnt counter-attacked too much or 130 if it really was a pain for you.Each creep kill gives you 90 gold and each tower destroyed 400 gold.The items are pretty expensive so thats why i put such a great reward of gold for each kill made.

So if you enjoy battles and a lot of magic usage,then War of Sanctity its the perfect AoS for your demand!Dont wait anymore and download it.Also dont forget to send me feedback at my email:nilasuiram@gmail.com and join in the group on Facebook ''War of Sanctity'' where we can discuss matches and features about the game

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