Sunday, January 17, 2016

Coming of the Horde 19.8b

Map Coming of the Horde 19.8b.w3x Created by BronzeKnee ; Uploaded by: TheBronze

Designed and built entirely by BronzeKnee (USeast)

A protected, multiplayer only map that blends elements of DOTA, Warcraft 3 Ladder, and siege maps (Helm's Deep), Coming of the Horde recreates the 1st and 2nd wars in Azeroth and Lordaeron.

Quite unique, addictive and refreshing in the current land of quickly made maps, Coming of the Horde was an idea that took two years to reach 1.0, built totally in secret. While just over 7.0 megs in size, the map doesn't load slow, lag ingame, is fairly simple to play, and has huge replay value. It takes about an hour to play a full game.

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