Saturday, January 30, 2016

Protect Your Castle! v1.8.9e

Map Protect Your Castle! v1.8.9e Created by Megamax ; Uploaded by: Mr.Pockets00000

A fun, multiplayer/co-op map centered around a simple yet solid concept: Protecting your Castle!
Choose from 9 difficulties, 6 races, and 2 game-modes!

Basic Guide:
- start by chosing your race
- build infantry units and train your first hero
- enemies come from your right, plan accordingly
- pure tower-based strategies are typically inviable

Advanced Guide:
- research upgrades to improve units! (this is very important)
- bounty is based on enemy's max health. You receive more bounty as the game progresses
- Income is based on your structures, round number, and players remaining in the game. You receive income for completing a round
- keep items you want to buff your hero, and sell items you don't want for extra cash
- use your castles convert gold to wood and convert wood to gold abilities to exchange resources
- when a player dies or leaves the game, things get much harder! you will have to deal with more enemies at a time

Pro Guide:
- Gamble to receive epic power-ups and win money!
- Gambling can steal your money. Its unwise to gamble while having large amounts of money in your pocket!
- Gambling gets increasingly treacherous as you gamble more. Gamble until things start to get bad, or you may end up severely crippled or even dead!
- armor and attack types of the enemies change throughout the game. Produce a diverse army of units to counteract this.
- use unit optimization upgrade to increase unit attack speed, health, and health regeneration

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