Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Daemonic Sword ORPG 6.07

Map Daemonic Sword ORPG 6.07.w3x by Shea Easterbrook, Bnet: Daemonic

How to Play:
There are three teams to choose in the lobby:
-Daemonic Heroes
-Evil Heroes (Vampire, Death, Dark Lord)

-Upon starting the game, you will begin with a soul (wisp) to choose your Hero. There are 10 Heroes to choose from by simply moving your wisp into the hero. You be then be prompted to select New or Load and there can only be one hero class per game.
New Characters will always start on the Alignment of Light (Good)

Select General in the lobby and you will start as General Garicus. You start on the Alignment of Light (Good) and help the Daemonic Heroes in their quest. The General can do and have access to everything that every other player has, and starts with some profitable buildings.


Start on the Alignment of Evil and play as some very powerful antagonist Hero Classes who complete a who different main quest of their own. You will start in a Different city and will work against the Heroes of Light while completing your own Quests.
The most epic ORPG of Warcraft III. With 28 Custom Heroes, two Allegiances & 100's of Quests, Items & Skills the fun won't stop. Complete the Main Quests for each Allegiance discovering the amazing story and power of the Daemonic Sword.

Choose between 14 Heroes each with an Evolution and Custom Models. Cross between the Light or Darkness and complete Main Quests for each side. Become the most powerful hero and defeat the Gods themselves.
  • Category: Role Playing (RPG)
  • Tileset: Lordaeron Summer
  • Dimensions: 480x480
  • Playable Area: 470x472
  • Recommended Players: 1-10
  • Size: 7778.2 KB

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