Saturday, June 25, 2016

Animation Fighters v5.2

Map Animation Fighters v5.2 - Cartoon star scuffle v5.2 - 动漫明星乱斗v5.2
Author: Seraphim repair

Update and changelog v5.2:
  • Fixed Shana hide the question of release. 
  • Gilgamesh opened up the world in time to cancel the deviation lens lock. 
  • Uchiha Itachi Tsukuyomi canceled lens effect. 
  • Redo Yan plus a shield effect of soil life.
  • Fixed after the release of the HL Joan of Arc is not the problem of the resurrection

  • Joan Paladin assembled under the roar of the duration decreased from 10-5 seconds. Cooldown reduced from 30-25 seconds. 
  • Open one common choice. 
  • Red Sword a pseudo-helix point increase in 1000 fixed range. Reset times across Arcadia

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