Sunday, June 12, 2016

New WOW 3.6.5 Armageddon

Map New WOW 3.6.5 Armageddon - The last battle 3.6.5 by Smiling De Devil
新WOW末日决战3.6.5 - 作者:微笑De恶魔

This is based on a competitive world of warcraft game, then there are some of the characteristics which have a strong degree of freedom allowed players to dig. First, the role of the hero, but also generally with world of warcraft, like all kinds of occupation has its own characteristics, the role of each one skill has two or more effect, with different equipment to bring players a variety of routes, new concepts subsequent changes in the diversity of skills, increase the skill bar countdown display systems, equipment corresponds occupational change the original settings, special equipment can completely reset the skill effect, give players greater freedom to play space, to break some of the skills limitations, each hero has separate database. All equipment are brought into the paper doll system, optimization model, shape and size of equipment to wear distinguishing heroic attack action and action among the various ethnic cast, set the gas carried effects are minor treatment. The game has independent sound PVP system, peaking equipment, cost-effective in-depth study. Balance in so many routes into, and no such thing as the best route, in which different teams, a role can have different style of play, each hero is able to work independently of the Lone Ranger, it can also be the core team and to be an auxiliary king. The multi-faceted role in the player's experience is also the idea among the power to be the hero heap agile, agile hero can pile on the Intelligence heroes can also stack force, the unique style of play, the only players to experience to appreciate the role of the multi-faceted resistance, internal special test team more than two years of testing to make distinctive career, more balanced. Novelty added injury law, toughness, block, capture the flag honor system. Late Master can do? Can immune chance it? Marshal can I do? These no problem. As long as there is a certain exploits can get the corresponding medal, you will encounter guards salute like you! Honors level will also appear in your head! You can buy battlefield equipment, PVP, PVE, synthesis equipment, loading effects, etc., you may also need to enchant their weapons, depending on the needs of the battlefield with the team combination, to create his own routines. Complex terrain, allows you to experience rich encounters, featuring boss, allows you to experience the thrill of killing looting, along with the war drama with music, will also be a new look, different elements ability, attack is the best auxiliary supplies retreat .

Finally, more features will be added, we need comments players. Original team members before the blue feather, down to earth, and strive for excellence. Password All Games: (upper or lower case support recognition) -ap (free select mode) -rd (tactical selection mode) -sc (query complement knife number) -vp (Heroic comprehensive evaluation) -ma (query enemy Hero Information) - ms (query hero movement speed) -apm (operating in the query) -kick01-10 (vote kick) -sj (randomly selected hero get extra coins) -jh + space + floor (swap heroes with the players) -sy-sy1-sy2 (adjust the lens height) -TZ (open group battle mode) -roll (random lucky number) -GD (query block value) ...

Download: The last battle 3.6.5 - New WOW 3.6.5

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