Sunday, July 17, 2016

Animation Fighters v5.3

Map Animation Fighters v5.3 - Cartoon star scuffle v5.3 - 动漫明星乱斗v5.3
Author: Seraphim repair
  • Fixed one common R wall problem. 
  • Fixed thousand cherry release [J-King. Thousand cherry King Yan] attribute the problem to disappear. 
  • Adjust the black alter some of the skills. 
  • Fixed Asuna therapeutic value of life too high. 
  • Ye Chi added a unique new effect. 
  • [my God here] duration decreased from 10-5 seconds. 
  • Fixed Yondaime Naruto [art of fly Raytheon] distance is too short questions. 
  • Redo [red saber] some of the skills

Add a new hero [Isayama their lives]. Optimized Interface

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