Sunday, July 10, 2016

Naruto Legend 1.3c

naruto legend
Map Naruto Legend 1.3c.w3x by Unryze (Russian)

User map on Warcraft3 engine in the MOBA genre.

Theme Map - Naruto

-Number of characters - 42

-Number of players - 10

-Update version of the map - 1.3C [by VenDev.info]

-Zalita card + mix patch. In the war with the Alliance ninja organization Akatsuki you have to choose one of 42 characters, in order to protect the world of ninja, or implement a plan "Moon eyes" and put him in the eternal illusion. the main purpose of the map - defeat the enemy base where you provide different ways of its execution. Here you do not limit do not in the secret ninja techniques are not at BG. Even you are able to become a Jinchuuriki 10hvostogo, if you have the spirit. Are you ready to take the fate of the shinobi world in their hands? 
Language map: Russian
Enjoy the game. Naruto Legend Map created by Russian member (July/11/2016)
Download: Naruto Legend 1.3c

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