Friday, August 19, 2016

Arad Senki v1.31

Map Arad Senki v1.31 by chinese member

阿拉德战记-异次元裂缝v1.31 - 作者:ZhUGgLianG
Author: ZhUGgLianG
Map Size: 9.02MB
  • Increase [Extreme VIP], [lover belongs to me], [sponsor] 
  • The title of the new generation of replacement packs password, increase Couples function 
  • Increase resurrection credits packs (small), an increase of SP packs 
  • Add a couple AI, title and name binding 
  • Remove the extra frame, brush strange death of the tower number = column number X10 brush 
NOTE: Do not throw objects on the ground, will disappear, and they did not know why. ...

Download: Arad Senki v1.31.w3x
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