Wednesday, August 31, 2016

BVO New World game mode

BVO New World
Bleach vs Onepiece v14.0 is BVO New World 1.0
Bleach vs Onepiece vs Naruto
You can play this map with Other player or Computer (AI+++)
I have already made luffy 100% and the next hero is Naruto (Rikudou)...
About 50 % and will be labeled bvo new world and will continue to form a game of bvo by developing the system in the game, the characters to better than the original.
Modes Game (for BVO New World 1.0 and above).
The main game mode:
-ar (All Random) Random characters each Player
-nd (No Duel) Turn off all Duel
-fh (Fast Hunt) Creeps on the map will be faster than normal.
-sc (Super Creep) At eight minutes from start to randomly select a hero Super Creep 1 in 4 out random creeps, it will be random. And when killed Our team will receive a cash prize of 1000 Golds everyone.
-ds (Double Score) The Final Score is more than three times.
-bh (Bounty Hunter) When a player kills the enemy hero first. Will be awarded the Bounty Notice from the head. The bounty will start from 200 + (50 * Hero Level) and will increase to 250 Gold hero killed. And when people can kill people with the bounty. It is awarded to that section. It marked the The prize money will be restarted at 200 + (50 * Hero Level)
* heads can detect a person who has been killed by typing -b.
Instruction for players:
-random (Random Hero) Random Hero of Gold will not lose any of random
, but will not be able to take orders -repick
* is available only when the creeps was not, was not the only heroes.
-repick (Repick Hero) Choose your hero again
* can be used once
* available after selecting the hero usually comes only use the creeps unborn.
-ms (Movement Speed Show) Show the movement speed of the Hero.
-clear (Clear Screen) Clear all text displayed on the screen.
-ch (Camera High) Adjust the camera up
-cl (Camera Low) Low camera angle
-cn (Camera Normal) Adjust the angle to normal
-ca (Camera Auto) Adjust the angle to block as a hero.
Map Progress:
  • Total Progress 30%
  • Heroes Progress 25%
  • Item Progress 100%
  • Game System Progress 100%
  • Terrain Progress 100%
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