Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Diablo Proud fighting Yan v1.71

Map Diablo Proud fighting Yan v1.71 - U9_ADZT1.71.w3x created by Chinese member

傲斗遮天V1.71终焉之战 - 作者:杰少
  • Fully enhance all ordinary heroes 
  • Repair beast God with equipment that can not be enhanced without beginning the Great bug 
  • Add a hero: Yu Promise 
  • Greatly enhances the value of life 
  • Mobs attacking stationary time price increase to 3000 
  • Enhanced super wood and wooden houses in a substantial reduction in property 
  • Beast mentally soul 

  • The final selling price to replace BOSS immortal emperor Dili madness order to respect 
  • Magic silence statue of Emperor Rumo point by the 6000 
  • The increase in 9000 increased to an ultimate equipment, repair a seal 
  • The Indian gods serious BUG, ​​the BUG chopped after a failed road immortal, causing other people can not Cultivation. ...

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