Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Dimensional CYZC 9.7

Map Dimensional CYZC v9.7 - CYZC9.67_ZSXFB.w3x
Category: Hero Arena
  • Cancel the patrol button to prepare for future key presses. 
  • Wild demon world of flowers, life increased by 1000 points, skill CD reduced to 4 seconds, changed to a one-time wild strange, bonus increases. 
  • Black saber talent D: Add a new F to 2 seconds with the effect of magic-free. Black (F): Added a 15% refresh after using R skills, the other buff has changed, the details of the game. (R): 600 + (strength + intelligence) X1 → 600 + (power + intelligence) X1.5 
  • Purple Heart Goddess of Strength (F) ): Fixes a bug that causes F to be interrupted. 
  • Shaye human transformation (E): fixes the hit less all attributes X0.5 times the damage. 
  • Night night with a seven-night (D): consumption of 50 points to cancel the magic.

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