Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Naruto world RPG v2.91d - Nrpg_2_91d_obt.w3x

Map Naruto world RPG v2.91d - Nrpg_2_91d_obt.w3x download by D3.Venmade

Map Created by Russian member
Language map: Russian

This "ban and" map updates only Nrpg General Rules on boats of our project are you use the command: -restart without cause= 1 or 2 day ban. Violations of the rules described below  : Despite that broke = 1 to 3+ days ban. For style mini boss - 1 day (when just finish off the boss, but do not touch a drop). Steele big boss - from 1 to 5 days (when just finish off the boss, but do not touch a drop). For theft of loot with the boss - the boss Small 1-3 days , the big boss of up to 10 days. (depending on the drop). Player of the bosses are not fixed, but remain at the discretion of the administration NRPG bot. (But not more than the specified terms.) As the farm is divided between the allies in the villages. 

3) Conclusion bots cities Boat keel. 
Killing livnushih players or bots taking them to the city by any means.
Ban 1-3 days. 

4) Clivatsya in single player. 
Putting the strong artifacts 
(or not equal to the exchange) or artifacts to sell to another player (to spread things before Liiv) . Also share drop from bosses without (-roll) 
Ban on the administrator's discretion (depends on what armor, its value, etc.), but no more than 5 days. 

5) The tent belongs to the player who is going to farm the top! 
(-roll) between the players of the village of sand or arrange for earlier each other!
6) Quests:
Who performed the Quest and that the reward for this particular quest!
Ban from 1 to 3 days,. 

Download: Nrpg v2.91d obt download
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