Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Anime End Night v1.52

Map Anime End Night v1.52 - Anime final night 1.52 complete version
Author: Dream Yan / person my department DORORO
Map size: 38.68MB - Supported: 1.24-1.27ASupport number: 1-10
Map Language: Simplified ChineseAdd Time: 2017-2-7

There are modes of confrontation and plot mode, when you can play a little story mode, and small partners with the push to the main group, so that the main group to wear women. A computer AI to accompany play, as long as the beginning of the computer can add their own a demo. When people can play 3V3 the most appropriate, 5v5 feeling too messy, because the holiday is over, if there is a chance to continue, then a time limit on the ring, and then do a main group Women Edition, See the main group of women according to Oh. Equipment without synthesis, a key to buy, there are funny cartoon headgear, Ram, Lyme with you play
Each end of a disk, all equipment is cleared 0, and then with enough funds, will not result in Meng new rolling equipment by the situation. Items and Heroes Important Skill Change Add New Heroes Night Gods Moon Q Hidden W Investigations E Run R Death Curse

Download: Anime End Night v1.52 download

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