Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Anime Fantasy v1.0m

Map Anime Fantasy v1.0m.w3x created by Nookaiser

Have fun boys, but expect bugs to show up since I had to rework some system triggers after all. Expect a lot of updates with fixes soon.

From author map (Nookaiser:

Ok. So before you start crying that there are no new heroes and stuff, here is a piece of my mind:

1. Right now we will focus on small updates till the game becomes balanced and doesn't have bugs. You might think there isn't much done here, but almost every skill got changed and as you might have noticed, the number of invuls is a lot lower... and you don't walk around when you shouldn't. There's a lot of interesting mechanics added that you obviously won't notice at a first glance. The appearing bugs you see are a result of those changes.

2. I will encourage competitive play on this map as much as possible. Go as far as forming teams with the people you play often. The balance will be decided by the good players. POINT. I don't want random people that most likely don't know how to plug in their keyboard tell me anything about the balance. Therefore, I will also hold a tournament once the map will reach a balanced state. And as I said the best players will be taken more seriously by me (maybe going as far as making chars on their demands).

3. The new (big) update will come with one new char and a huge item rework. It will be a lot sooner than you think, since making new chars is by far more fun and fast than fixing bugs and triggering a sick AI for the boss (and yes, the spells he does are NOT random).

4. I know that I'm not as good as nook when it comes to visuals on spells, but I think that will improve a lot with time. For now, live with it as it is. Also, I will gladly recruit a modeller anytime and if the fanbase is willing to donate some money, they'll easily go to him!
Have fun, scrubs. (Valik)

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