Sunday, February 5, 2017

Ghost Livestock Wanhua v4.01

Map Ghost Livestock Wanhua full voice 4.01 stand-alone version - VCLgame.com GLW v4.01.w3x

Map size: 89.45MB - Version supports: 1.24-1.27A (8M patch) support for persons: 2-8
Map Language: Simplified Chinese - Add Time: 2017-2-3

The new server archive / bonus function is positive energy: used to unlock hidden roles and some role in the new version of the skin, in the laptop which can also purchase some strange props. Always want to try to hide the role, but also distressed random players, you can consume their own positive energy to play to their favorite role of the black value: to unlock some specific hidden role, this type of black value unlocked The role is usually more powerful, and the price is high

Black values ​​can also be used to buy some very useful revenge social props get way: the energy is obtained by defeating your opponent, you can imagine it into the enemy to kill the money, and this money with the game Inside the currency is not the same can be accumulated, and each player can always save their own treasury black value of access is defeated by your opponent, lose the game.


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