Wednesday, June 7, 2017

BVO New World 3.0

BVO New World v3.0 released and fix bugs from v2.0
- Fix -ds mode from end game score x3 to x2.
- Fix hp bar of model.
- Fix bug disconnect when any player come into the gate.
- Fix bug Elixir vanish when dropping.
- Fix bug Neji show hide-ability icon.
- Fix bug Red Hawk.
- Fix bug King Kong Gun.

Full changelogs here: BVO New World v3.0 full changelogs

- Change max level at 250 to 100 .
- Add more Exp when your hero kill whom hero level higher than.
- Manual of Health increases the hit points 50 to 30.
- Divine Sword will drop when kill Golem Boss (Eredar).
- Change attribute of Luffy (Strength to Agility).
- Change time spawn of Golem (Boss) every 30 to 120 seconds.
- Change time creeps spawn every 50 to 40 seconds
and -fh from 35 to 25 seconds.

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Download: BVO New World 3.0 - BVO New World 3.0 changelog
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