Thursday, January 18, 2018

Fugatsu RPG S2 Return v1.2h

Map FW RPG S2 Return v1.2h.w3x

New Update : Fugatsu RPG S2 V1.2h
Fixed Bug Kiyohime
Fixed Cooldown Gear / X Gear

-Fixed some bug
-Disable Save Game in menu f10
-Lumber can't be save now, but lumber from boss increase by 10 and boss anime by 20
-Fixed Zeref Auto AI
-Decrease all Stun Duration from all Character
-Add New Event
-Decrease auto stun Boss Ogre

Fixed Bug :
- Fixed Sasuke Skills
- Reduce Lag Karna Skills
- Fixed Shiki Skills
- Fixed Ultimate Sistine Tier 2
- Fixed Itachi Skills

Crafting Equipment Guide : Fugatsu RPG S2 Return Guide

Change Log :
- Remake Sawada Skills
- Remake Shiki Skills
- Remake Karna Skills
New Hero :
Kiyohime ( Thanks to Anime Final Battle Maker for Skin Hero )
Download: Fugatsu RPG S2 Return

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