Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Naruto fetters 7.05

Map Naruto fetters official version 7.05 created by Chinese member

- Modification of outer road magical technology for each level of technology to increase the maximum health of 5%
· Remediation of dirty soil reincarnation technology for each level of science and technology to increase 10% of the maximum health value BUG repair
· Repair Xiaonan Q skill projectile speed problem
· Repair Xiaonan E Skill special crit invalid · Fix Xiao Nan D skills and text does not match the problem
· Repair thousands of columns between the W skill effect and the text does not match the problem
· Repair Jun Ma Lu skills mirror image room problem
· Fix Uchiha B soil with skills The effect does not match the text problem
Remove the seal Reel later to redeem 250
Strengthening each BOSS six with soil restoration weakness reply own 10% of the blood
Modify sneak rain forbearance village copy waiting time to 8 seconds 3 seconds to enter when prompted for a treasure of God
cancel random three-piece reward clouds

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