Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Dota 6.88vX (10) RGC

Map DotA Allstars 6.88vX.w3x RGC download and Getdota 6.88 AI
  • Manabars are now visible for observers too
  • Disable Help now turned off for leavers
  • Fixed damage reduction interaction with Tombstone and Nether Ward hit-counters
  • Fixed attacks from creeps not being registered properly if caused by triggered aggro
  • Improved control disable on Duel and similar skills
  • Icon with Charges amount moved to the left slot
  • Slightly changed damage detection system to work with negative attack damage (Enfeeble)
  • Removed lifesteal animation when attacking towers with illusions
  • Fixed blueish coloring stays on when Frost has been purged
  • Frost Armor (neutral Ogre) no longer has autocast, no longer dispels by spell immunity, debuff duration from 4 to 5 seconds
  • Upgrading Dagon won’t change it’s item position anymore
  • Fixed Orchid didn’t deal damage after it’s duration
  • Fixed Tome of Knowledge sharing cd with no-cd items
  • Fixed instant invis-providing skills not charging Magic Stick for enemies
  • Radiance can no longer affect Roshan
  • See full Changelogs 6.88v5 here: Dota 6.88v10 (vX) changelog
  • Download: Dota 6.88v10 (vX)

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