Thursday, May 31, 2018

Fight of Anime Return Battle v1.0

New Hero :
-Tobiichi Origami
-Konjiki no Yami
-Itsuka Kotori
-Tohka Alter
-Cloud Strife
-Ryougi Shiki
Many hero has been Deleted because for some reason

Download: http://www.game2f.com/2018/06/foa-s2-return-battle-v1-0/

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

DotA Allstars 6.88w3

DotA Allstars 6.88w3.w3x RGC full changelogs and download 2018
  • Neutral AI improved to non-obs behavior
  • Fixed rare crash with Admiral
  • Fixed random crashes when Slark in game or Smokes of Deceit were used
  • Fixed Upheaval dispelling Linken's Sphere
  • Fixed Bloodlust could target couriers
  • Fixed Global Silence being broken if Aghanim purchuased before it's being learned
  • Fixed swapping wards or performing some other actions causing invisibility to wear off when it shouldn't
  • Added visual effect on Conjure Image illusions to better distinction
  • Improved Toss a little bit, it now always provides full double Avalanche
  • Fixed Psi Blades visual effect pointing invisible units
  • Spin Web can now be manually destroyed
  • Fixed Terrorblade (Metamorphosis) had 3 less max damage
  • Fixed Lycan's Wolves' Cripple could proc on structures and other invalid targets
  • Fixed Overgrowth not providing assists
  • Linken's Sphere now properly re-adds Spell Block on respawn
  • Sleight of Fist no longer interrupt channelings if Xin casts one
See full Changelogs 6.88w here: Dota 6.88w3 changelog
Download:  DotA Allstars 6.88w3

FW RPG S2 Return v1.4b.w3x

Map Fugatsu RPG S2 Return v1.4b released - FW RPG S2 Return v1.4b.w3x

Fixed Bug :
-Fix Animation Cloud
-Change Skill Ikki, Naruto, Yami, Emilia and Tohno
-Change Tohka Model and Skill
-Change Karna Model and Skill
-Buff All Int Char
-Change Aizen and Sasuke Base Stats
-Nerf Ichigo and Hibari Damage
-Change Dark Skill Passive

Crafting Equipment Guide : Fugatsu RPG S2 Return Guide

New Hero :
Kiyohime ( Thanks to Anime Final Battle Maker for Skin Hero )
Download: FW RPG S2 v1.4b.w3x

Sunday, May 6, 2018

DotA LoD 6.85o5.w3x

Getdota map DotA LoD 6.85o5.w3x download
  • uardian Angel Manacost increased a bit to 150/200/250, cooldown from 100 to 120/110/100. In addition, with aghanim’s range is really global and duration decreased by 1 sec to 6/7/8
  • Ice Blast CD 40 -> 45
  • Thundergod’s wrath aghanim dmg reduced from 440/540/640 to 350/500/650, manacost from 225/325/450 to 225/350/475
  • Wrath of nature cooldown from 90/75/60 to 80
  • Haunt cooldown from 130 to 160/140/120
  • Overgrowth cd from 70 to 90
  • Vital Strike cd from 14 to 14/13/12/11
  • Spectral dagger Cooldown increased by 1 sec
  • Remote mines Lvl 2 manacost from 240 -> 250.
  • Swoop Down Cd from 50 to 60/55/50, AOE from 290 to 300
  • Epicenter manacost increased by 50, casttime from 1.2 -> 1.5
  • Bristleback's "Bristleback" got overnerf in 3 paragraphs before — 0.1 sec cooldown (prevention crashes, but it's heavy nerf) + percentage nerf + altered mechanic of damage reductions stacking.
  • After all of this percentages of BB passive moved back (reverted) from 32/12% to 40/20%.
  • Added missing "True strike" on Walrus Punch and Vendetta hits (they can never miss now)
  • Walrus Punch lifting time (1 sec) can't be decreased
  • Walrus Kick cooldown 12 -> 10 (as on tooltip)
Full changelogs Dota lod 6.85o4 here: DotA lod 6.85o5 changelog
Download: DotA LoD 6.85o5.w3x

Thien Menh Anh Hung ORPG v2.51

Map Thien Menh Anh Hung ORPG v2.51 by Vietnam member
  • Category: Role Playing (RPG)
  • Tileset: Black Citadel
  • Dimensions: 288x384
  • Playable Area: 288x384
  • Recommended Players: 1-8
  • Size: 33.28 MB

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