Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Warcraft iii 1.29.2/1.30 patch download

Known Issues:
Temporarily disabled Fixed Aspect Ratio in Video Options````````````````````````````
Chaos Kodo Beasts are showing as idle workers in campaign missions
Unable to input text while keyboard settings are under different languages in zhCN and koKR locales
Certain elements in World Editor overlap
Set/GetAbilityOnXXXX functions are renamed to Set/GetAbilityActivatedXXXX
SetUnitNameAll is disabled for now
PlaySpecialEffect is disabled for now
PlaySpecialEffectWithTimeScale is disabled for now
Crash: With an ability that has "Disabled"=false, attempting to set "Disabled" to false again will crash the World Editor
UnitDisableAbility does not hide an ability with Hide=true and Disabled=false
Default map directory is for from maps when creating custom games
Resolution does not change properly when switching between windowed and full screen
Tooltips for hero abilities may not be update

Bugs Fix:
  • Standard/Quick Play maps no longer disappear when patching from 1.28.5 enGB to 1.29.1 enUS
  • Plugged the leak allowing Frozen balance into the Chaos bucket
  • The team game you attempted to join has been found; Arranged Teams working as intended
  • Polish language characters render as Polish again
  • The text cursor reprises its role as conjurer of text
  • Map download progress % over Battle.net has returned
  • /ping command calls forth your need for speed
  • Floating text offset corrected in widescreen
  • Fog and visibility modifiers affect player 13+
  • Visual building upgrades appear for players 13+
  • Unit glow for player 12 is muck colored again
  • Quest logs update via scrolling

Thien Menh Anh Hung ORPG 2.67

Map Thien Menh Anh Hung ORPG v2.67 - TMAH v2.67.w3x and TMAH FE 2 by Vietnam member

This Version can play in Warcraft iii 1.29.2 patch download only
  • Category: Role Playing (RPG)
  • Tileset: Black Citadel
  • Dimensions: 288x384
  • Playable Area: 288x384
  • Recommended Players: 1-8
  • Size: 80 MB

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Sunday, June 17, 2018

DotA LoD 6.85p5

  • Fixed Charge of Darkness revealing caster on minimap
  • Added new visual for Charge of Darkness target.
  • Adaptive Strike will take highest attribute now instead of primary
  • Fixed Windrun activation dispeling some channel effects like Drain
  • Reduced visual effect of Midnight Pulse to match real AoE.
  • Greater Bash will no longer re-issue attack order for ranged attackers after proccing
  • Fixed Vampiric Aura lifestealing off units which aren't supposed to be alive (wards)
  • Ensnare is now blocked and/or reflected on landing instead of on cast
  • Multicasted Ensnare now affects other enemies around (randomly) instead of the same target
  • Fixed Witchcraft interactions with Astral Imprisonment and Disruption (selfcast)
  • Aghanim can now be gifted to spell immune ally (Goblin's Greed)
  • Fixed Laser and Drunken Haze not using correct hero duration for units with Resistant Skin
  • Fixed Repel shouldn't dispell buffs from ally and debuffs from enemy anymore (Bloodlust, Rabid, Guardian Angel, etc.)
  • Fixed Fissure having 0.2 longer castpoint than intended
  • Fixed Ghost Walk slow can no longer be dispelled except for magic immunity (only magic immunity dispells it)
  • Fixed Ice Wall slow being dispellable (only magic immunity dispells it)
  • Fixed Goblin's greed not giving x3 bounty per bounty rune (was 3/3.5/4/4.5)
  • Fixed Vital Strike shouldn't slow invulnerable enemies (if invulnerability came after Vital Strike cast).
  • FixedVital Strike dealing very low dmg if the target's hp is lower 33%
  • Fixed Spell lifesteal working on psi-blades.
  • Fixed X-marks the spot Return can't multicast.
Full changelogs here: Dota lod 6.85p5 changelog
Download: DotA LoD 6.85p5.w3x 

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