Sunday, February 3, 2019


Dota v6.86c4 lod changelogs and download 2019
  • Enchant Totem cast points from 0.3 to 0.25
  • Unrefined Fireblast cooldown 6 sec -> 8 sec.
  • Become Enraged cooldown 50/40/30 -> 30
  • Tango cast range on Tree increased from outdated 100 to normal 165
  • Tidebringer cleave range from outdated 500/500/500/600 to 450/500/550/600
  • Newly summoned courier will always be created on your team's fountain area
  • Courier summon and respawn point changed a bit to be different from hero respawn point
  • Fixed bug with Eul targeting spell immune enemies
  • Fixed picking up items after Rearm still caused them to be on cooldown
  • Fixed Frostmourne's debuff lasting longer than intended
  • Fixed Tiderbringer not wasting it's charge when attacking structures
  • Fixed Dagon not being reflected by Lotus Orb
  • Fixed Coup de Grace playing visual on the attacked enemy for ranged attacks
  • Fixed bug with Chain Frost on ARDM
  • Shackleshot is now blocked by Linken on hit instead of on launch
  • Stolen Suicide Squad Attack should now properly provide reduced respawn time
  • Fixed Exorcism Ghosts damage was 10 more than intended
  • Fixed Scorched Earth affecting non-organic units like Tombstone & fixed other random bug with Scorched Earth
  • Improved Paralyzing Casks interaction with spell block
  • Paralyzing Casks now stuns Roshan as a hero
  • Paralyzing Casks no longer interrupted if the target it had jumped to dies midair
  • Fixed Ogrelord's Bloodbath visuals still appears if the owner died
  • Fixed Flame Lasso being purgable (supposed to only be dispellable by strong dispells)
Full changelogs: Dota 6.86c4 lod changelog
Download:  DotA LoD 6.86c4

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